Watched Woman in Black

That, Possession, that is how you do a scary movie. I know it’s a little late, Halloween was two nights ago, but it’s tough to watch a scary movie when underage monsters are knocking at your door. Glad we finally got around to watching this though.

it’s a period movie, I don’t recall seeing a date anywhere, but it seems to be set during whichever time period steam locomotives were popular, automobiles were scarce and people still sent telegraphs.

The movie has a slow build, lots and lots of quiet scenes with no dialog, but incredible atmosphere that really sucks you in. It’s a mystery that doesn’t give everything away right at the start, but unfolds slowly. You learn what’s going on at the same pace as the protagonist.

I have to give special kudos to Daniel Radcliffe. He quickly makes you forget about the boy wizard and portrays a very believeable and sympathetic character. I think this is someone who can survive being a child actor and have a long future acting.

It’s been a long time since I saw a really good ghost story, most of the horrors these days are serial killers or torture porn, this was like a trip through a really great haunted house.


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