Dr. Who is on Twitch!

I don’t know when it started, or how long it will last, but Classic Dr.Who episodes are currently streaming on Twitch.tv!

Actually, that’s a lie, the information on the Twitch page tells me it started on January 5th and will end on the 20th. Unlike a lot of other streaming sites, this is 100% legal. Twitch, having been bought by Amazon a few years ago, often get the rights to broadcast shows as a special event. They’ve done it with Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting in the past and this time have made an arrangement with the BBC to show old Dr. Who episodes.

Remember when the Doctor had no trouble using guns? Remember when the Daleks were actually scary? Remember when TV was square instead of rectangular? Relive it all now! Fair warning though, the episodes are pretty old and you will see plenty of white people squinting in yellow face using generic “oriental” accents and there are no seizure warnings before the screen tries to strobe you blind.

You’ll also have to put up with a few ads for Amazon Prime shows and of course Twitch chat, which can be good or bad depending on the mood of the viewers.

It’s a good antidote for AGDQ withdrawal symptoms.

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