Watching Jeopardy on Netflix makes me feel smart

Before a few weeks ago, I had not watched an episode of Jeopardy in a loooong time. I was probably living at my parents house the last time I saw one because they liked to watch it and I watched with them.

Not long ago I saw Jeopardy was on Netflix and I though “What? There must be like a thousand episodes by now. Did they put them all on Netflix?”

The answer is no. They put some of their Tournament of Champions episodes on Netflix, and I like it.

First, the episodes play faster than average. Not just because the commercials have been removed, but because the champions give fewer wrong answers(questions?) and almost every question gets answered… er, answers questioned? Anyway, the other thing I like about it is that it feels really good to score on trivia designed for the best-of-the-best. Even BETTER when they get it wrong and I don’t. I know, I know, having a head full of trivia doesn’t make you smart, but it’s certainly an ego boost. It doesn’t even feel bad to get one wrong because I don’t have any money at stake. It does however annoy my wife when I’m yelling out random words and sentences while she’s trying to sleep.

I just wish there were more episodes. I’ve already finished the twenty on Netflix. I do see that Ant-Man and the Wasp has been added…

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