Why all the hate for Greta Van Fleet?

I think I heard Safari Song first. I was listening to the radio and when the song started up and it made me pay attention right from the opening guitar intro. Greta Van Fleet, the DJ said was the name of the artist, I liked it, but then forgot all about her as the next song came on and I continued my drive.

Some time later I heard Highway Tune the same way. This song I really liked, and when the DJ again said Greta Van Fleet, I remembered I had heard it before. I went to add the song to my Spotify library when I got home and rediscovered Safari Song as well as Black Smoke Rising and When the Curtain Falls

Sadly I see a lot of articles and comments from people saying they aren’t a “real” rock band, that they’re just a Led Zeppelin ripoff. Yes, they sound a lot like Led Zeppelin. Okay, maybe they sound EXACTLY like Led Zeppelin, but is that a bad thing? I love Led Zeppelin, who doesn’t love Led Zeppelin? If Led Zeppelin had recently released Highway Tune, would people be upset? Hell no! They’d be saying “Oh my God! Led Zeppelin is back and they are as good as ever!” But they’re not back, they broke up over almost forty years ago and haven’t put out an original new song since In Through The Out Door. So if someone wants to pick up the baton they put down and run with it, how is that a bad thing? Especially when they do it so well?

I think some people just like to dump on others because they’re jealous. Simple as that, they see success where they don’t think someone deserves it and they get angry about it. It’s kind of sad.

I saw the same kind of thing with Nickleback. People just seem to hate them just because they think they should. I mean, if you want to talk about how a good number of their songs are misogynistic, or you just don’t like them, that’s fine, but people use the word hate a lot for no specific reason.

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