You ever watch Memento? You should watch Memento

This is a really tripy movie. It is essentially a murder mystery told backwards. Sort of like an episode of Columbo. We start the movie witnessing a man being killed and over the course of two hours discover the who, where and why. What really makes this film unique is that it essentially plays in reverse.

At the beginning of the movie we learn that the protagonist, played by Guy Pearce, has a condition that prevents his mind from creating new memories. It’s not amnesia, he knows who he is and remembers his entire history, right up to a traumatic brain injury. Everything after that just fades from his mind after a very short period.

So what Christopher Nolan did (yes, the Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Inception Chris Nolan) was to start the movie by showing us the “end” of the movie. Then we get the six minutes that led to what we had just watched, followed by the six minutes that preceded that section. It’s amazing. I can’t really say more. This is something you need to experience yourself. It’s not a traditional mystery that you can solve on your own, like Guy Pearces Leonard, we don’t know what happened, we only have the clues and notes he’s left himself.

It’s really worth watching. It may be almost twenty years old and very low budget, but this is one of, if not the best movie Christopher Nolan has made. There are layers to the story that will make you want to re-watch it, even once you know the whole story… because maybe you don’t know the whole story. Can we really trust what you are told? Did we remember what we saw the way we think we did?

Video stores are becoming more and more scarce, but it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime if you subscribe to the service.

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