Dog Soldiers (2002)

So far, during our 31 nights of horror, we’ve watched stories about ghosts, aliens, demons, psychos, killer fish, ancient gods and mutant monsters. On night 27 it’s werewolves!

You know what this movie reminded me of? Aliens. A group of military people get in over their heads and have to fight for their lives to escape. It’s intense and action packed, with characters you’ll like, witty dialog and plenty of suspense.

Its always nice to hear Kevin McKid speak in his native accent instead of an American one and he along with Sean Pertwee and Liam Cunningham provide great performances. The whole cast does a remarkable job and just emphasizes my belief that spending money on good actors is a wiser investment than expensive effects. The only weakness to this is the monster costumes themselves. The fingers don’t seem to move and there is no articulation in the head to make the jaws work, or lips snarl. To make up for this deficit, the monsters are not often shown full on, and when they are, it is quickly and in heavy shadow. On the plus side, this actually makes them seem more menacing.

Bottom line, I loved this movie and easily recommend it to anyone looking for a thrilling soldiers vs. monsters movie. It’s hard to find much not to like, except maybe for one huge plot hole, which you only really have time to think about after it is all over.


Okay, so that really cool twist where Megan turns our to be a werewolf too? I’m not sure I understand. She says she wanted out and thought the soldiers would be her best chance, so why drive to the house and not in the other direction after she picks them up? If she can control her transformation (which she appears to through most of the film) why not just… leave? She didn’t seem to want to hurt her own family (she only ever uses the camera flash to drive them back), so what was stopping her from simply driving away and starting a new life somewhere if she didn’t need to kill the others to escape? It was a cool twist, but not really thought out all the way.

Still a really great movie though.

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