Fire City: End of Days (2015)

Nearing the last of our 31 nights of horror, number 29 is an urban fantasy movie all about the bad guys.

I really liked the concept of this movie. It’s a pretty standard trope to have demons living among humans, but this film makes them the protagonists. They’re not the “good guys” by any stretch, they still feed off the misery and suffering of humans, but this is a story from their perspective. It’s about a group demons who live in a run down apartment building, full of drug addicts, dealers, abusers and generally unhappy people. One morning all the humans are suddenly happy, well adjusted, positive people and the demons being to starve.

After watching the movie, I’m not sure I would classify it as a horror. It’s really more of a noir detective story. I think whoever categorizes movies for Amazon said “Oh, demons, that’s horror” without actually watching it.

While I loved the idea behind the movie, the execution is only so-so. The script and dialog are just serviceable and while the acting is okay, I think tweaking the budget some would have benefited the film. The makeup and costumes were great, I just think they could have gotten away with a more minimal look for the demon makeup and put the extra money into casting. Noone is bad, don’t get me wrong, everybody involved does a very good job, I just feel that it is easier to get the audience to buy into a world like this if the actors are a cut above.

I liked the idea, and would like to see more of this world, I just feel it would benefit from being in the hands of more experienced story tellers.

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