Third night out of thirty one horrors

A Quiet Place (2018)

Holy crap, this movie was AMAZING! I was not expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. This is only the third night of my month of movie monographs (yeah, that was a stretch, I know) and I can already, whole heartedly, recommend this one if you’re looking for something to get your heart pounding on October 31st.

No excessive gore, no torture, no drugs, nudity, protracted fight scenes or gross out imagery. This movie is all about atmosphere and sheer suspense.

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31 Nights of Horror!

Okay, the title is a little misleading, *cough* a lie *cough*, but I only thought of the idea yesterday, so I was late before I even started. The plan is to watch one horror movie a night, for each night of October up to and including Halloween and give my thoughts on them. Not so much as a review, but just describe how the films made me feel, what they made me think, did I enjoy them, would I recommend them… okay, I guess maybe they are reviews.

My brother and I used to watch tons of scary movies when we were younger. He wanted to be a movie makeup and effects person, I just loved horror and the supernatural. Given all the films we’ve seen over the years though, I didn’t want to re-watch things that I already had an opinion on, so I’m going to watch ones I’ve never seen before.

Since I’m behind schedule, I watched two movies last night. Wes Cravens first movie and Sam Raimis latest terror flick.

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Free Comic Book Day!

The first Saturday in May is upon us! That means tomorrow most (and I have yet to encounter one that did not) comic book shops will be giving away, absolutely free, a huge selection of books that the major publishers have made available. Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dark Horse, Titan, Image, IDW, BOOM!, Archie, VIZ and more are all participating. There’s a list here of the issues being made available. Personally I really want copies of the Captain Canuck and the Stranger Things books.

It’s not just about free stuff though. Each time I’ve been to one of these events, the shops have had big discounts and sales going on, often with artist meet and greets, as well as contests. The store I usually go to has always had cosplayer show up as well, and with it falling on May 4th this year (unofficial Star Wars day), I fully expect the 501st Legion to make an appearance.

Don’t know where to go? They’ve got a shop locator to help you find a participating store close to you.

Show up early before all the books you want are gone! Also, harder to find parking on Decarie later in the day 😀

So You Want to be a Wizard?

Long before Harry Potter became a household name (about thirteen years or so), one of my favorite authors on the planet started a series about a teenage wizard. It’s a Young Adult series, but written in a manner and with language that won’t turn off adults. The characters may be children, but the author never treats the readers like kids.

Diane Duane is the author of my absolute favorite book, “Spocks World”. I know I use the words favorite and love a lot when talking about books and authors, but when people ask “If you were stranded on a desert island…” this is the book I would never get tired of reading. I read it in high school and while looking for other books to read, I found another by the same author, “So You Want To Be A Wizard?” and loved it.

When I read the first book in the series, I was around the same age as the main character and unlike some other books I had read, the people who populated these pages felt real. What I mean by that is they behaved and reacted to things in the way you would expect real people to. That’s not always the case in books, and unfortunately even rarer in YA fiction.

One of the best things about the series is the epic scope of some of the stories. Also, as the novels progress, it gets more fantastical (wizard cats and wizard whales!), but thanks to Diane Duanes skill at telling a tale, stays believable. Suspension of disbelief is super easy when the author is this good.

There are currently nine novels in the series, and I’m writing this article not just because the books are great, and anyone who is a fan of fantasy literature should read them (they should) but because right now, the author has a sale going on where you can buy the e-book versions for $19.99 US for ALL NINE BOOKS! Not $19.99 each, the entire collection for twenty bucks.

You can purchase them here. You won’t regret it.

A hero from Jersey City – the other Ms. Marvel

When Carol Danvers used to fight bad guys in a black bathing suit and thigh high boots as Ms. Marvel, I never really paid much attention to her. I mean she looked great, but she always seemed to be defined by things that happened to her, and not by anything she ever actually did in the Marvel Comics universe. She went through several changes of wardrobe, names and powers, and in 2012 she took on the mantle of Captain Marvel. Kelly Sue DeConnick focused more on Carol Danvers military career and abilities as a leader, and far more interesting in the process.

So, the Captain Marvel movie opens in just a few weeks and with all the hype surrounding it’s release I thought I’d draw some attention to Kamala Khan, the teenage girl who picked up the name Carol Danvers left behind. Ms. Marvel.

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The Punisher – Season 2

You can always burn the place down, if it makes you feel better

Amy Bendix – Season 2: Episode 6 “Nakazat”

I really enjoyed the first season, but the second is just too long and there are too many people involved.  Too many characters, too many writers and too many directors.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the incredibly tight Peaky Blinders I just finished watching. Only six episodes a season, with just one writer and one director for all six. Compared to this meandering tale of thirteen episodes written by eight separate people, told by ELEVEN directors managing seven main characters. I didn’t hate it, but it was just too long and had too many characters I didn’t care about.

Watch out for spoilers below.

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