Why all the hate for Greta Van Fleet?

I think I heard Safari Song first. I was listening to the radio and when the song started up and it made me pay attention right from the opening guitar intro. Greta Van Fleet, the DJ said was the name of the artist, I liked it, but then forgot all about her as the next song came on and I continued my drive.

Some time later I heard Highway Tune the same way. This song I really liked, and when the DJ again said Greta Van Fleet, I remembered I had heard it before. I went to add the song to my Spotify library when I got home and rediscovered Safari Song as well as Black Smoke Rising and When the Curtain Falls

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Went crazy buying Halloween songs

I had a handful of good Halloween songs in my library, three to be exact, Dragula and Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie and Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. I wanted more to play for the people out trick or treating tonight and had been in search of Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore for a while. They finally added it to the Canadian iTunes store just in time.

This sent me on a quick search of the Internet for Halloween songs and got me downloading classics I already knew, but did not have, like Stevie Wonders Superstition , Bad Moon Rising by CCR, Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult and a couple of Chris de Burg songs (well, truth be told, I bought an entire Chris de Burg album because I had lost my CD) Don’t Pay the Ferryman and Spanish Train.

Then I bought a couple I knew less well, but really liked when I heard the samples like The Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band. I had heard the name before, but never the actual song, or if I did, It didn’t stick in my head. I also bought Bad Things by Jace Everett. Most people probably know it as the theme song from True Blood, but I had only heard small pieces because I usually skip forward through the opening credits (sorry above the line production people, no offense intended).

Hopefully that’s the end for today, I did just get paid, but still, shouldn’t be buying so much music when people are already asking me what I wan’t for Christmas.

What’s on your Halloween playlist?