I cancelled my SiriusXM subscription

It came down to cost, versus how much use I got out of it. The radio in my car has an XM receiver built into it and every now and then they do a two week free service test for people who have their radios. I listened to the comedy channels while they were unlocked and I enjoyed them while in traffic. I asked for and recieved a subscription for Christmas last year. It was a package that came with a radio and originally I thought the subscription could just be moved to my car. Nope. Sirius forced me to install this 2nd radio in my car just to listen to the service already paid for. The free subscription was not transferable.

But I liked it. I found I didn’t use it much on the morning drive to work as I preferred to listen to the local news, but on the drive home, when traffic is worse, it was preferable to the radio. I especially enjoyed the comedy stations and the Classic Vinyl channel.

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I started using AnyList

One of the cool things about Alexa is that she can make lists for you.  Just finished the last of the milk (*cough* icecream *cough*) and want to remind yourself to pick some up? Just say “Alexa, add Chunky Monkey to the shopping list” and she’ll add it to your shopping list.

But that list is only accessible via the Alexa app and the Alexa app isn’t great for lists. You’ve got to navigate through a couple submenus to get to the lists and there’s no way to organize things easily.  Plus when you’ve got a whole weeks worth of shopping to add to it, you’re either going to go hoarse reciting all the items or your finngers will get tired.  There has to be a better way.

There is a better way!

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The Amazon FireTV 4K is great, but frustrating because it is soooo close to being perfect

I had a Western Digital WDTV Live in the master bedroom for a few years, to play movies and tv series I had stored on my home server as well as Netflix and YouTube, but it started acting funny, not turning on, rebooting for no reason, apps crashing, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. My parents bought me an Echo plus for Christmas and I figured FireTV would integrate well with it… also there was a big Boxing Day sale on them.

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Apple Watch, first week and first impressions.

A few years ago the company I worked for sent me an e-mail to let me know that for my years of service and good behavior, I had a bunch of points I could use to buy something from an internal rewards website. I selected the Fitbit Charge. I liked it. It was nice getting notifications of messages and phone calls on my wrist and the pedometer made me think I was doing healthy things, but it had a flaw. If the battery charge ever went to zero, it died, hard and could not be recharged. They replaced the first one I killed that way under warranty, but I accidentally did the same thing to the replacement. Two years ago I bought a replacement in the form of a Pebble 2. I loved it, but the company went out of business less than a month after I bought it and despite being advertised as waterproof up to forty feet, it died the very first time I went swimming with it this past October. For Christmas my wife bought me an Apple Watch Series 4.

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