A speed running lingo primer

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is at the midway point and has alread raised over half a million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  If my article last week got you curious enough to check it out but you were confused by some of the things people were saying, I decided put together a small glossary of the most common terms used by the announcers and runners.

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Awesome Games Done Quick is here!

Twice a year the speed running community gets together for a week long marathon to raise money for charity. This time it is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The winter version is Awesome Games Done Quick (hereafter to be referred to as simply AGDQ) and it starts this Sunday, the 6th. It goes live on Twitch at 11:30am Eastern.

What is speed running? I’m glad you asked. Despite images the name might conjure, you won’t find it in the Olympics and Usain Bolt has no medals in it. Speed Runners play video games. They play them as fast as they can, competing to claim records and titles. It may sound silly to some and I’ll be honest, the first time my brother told me about it I had no strong desire to watch, but when I did, I was hooked and have watched both the Summer and Winter marathons for the past several years.

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