The Cabin in the Woods

Only a few nights left in our marathon. On night twenty six we have a fun movie, but only as scary as your average episode of Buffy or Angel.

I feel kind of mixed about this movie. It was fun, it was funny, but it didn’t blow me away, so I’m surprised by how well reviewed the film was. It was very well done, don’t get me wrong, and the acting was top notch, but with the story going back and forth between the five friends and the mystery group… it was hard to get invested, since my mind was constantly working at the puzzle of what was really going on.

That’s one of the key components for a good horror movie for me. Getting to really know and like the characters in jeopardy, so that you care about the bad things happening to them, and that just didn’t happen for me.

It really did feel like an episode of Angel, only without the main cast. I could totally see Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins organisation as some Wolfram and Hart subsidiary. The dialog will feel very familiar and comfortable to fans of Joss Whedons TV shows. I read that he and Drew Goddard wrote the script in only three days, and felt that way to me, like they had a list of things they wanted to highlight and pulled a loose screenplay together around them.

I didn’t hate it the way I did some others I’ve watched this month, but I wonder how much better it could have been with more time in the oven. There were more than a few things that just didn’t make sense when I would think about them afterwards.

But don’t take my word for it. You may love the movie. It has 91% from critics and 74% from audiences on rotten tomatoes.