31 Nights of Horror!

Okay, the title is a little misleading, *cough* a lie *cough*, but I only thought of the idea yesterday, so I was late before I even started. The plan is to watch one horror movie a night, for each night of October up to and including Halloween and give my thoughts on them. Not so much as a review, but just describe how the films made me feel, what they made me think, did I enjoy them, would I recommend them… okay, I guess maybe they are reviews.

My brother and I used to watch tons of scary movies when we were younger. He wanted to be a movie makeup and effects person, I just loved horror and the supernatural. Given all the films we’ve seen over the years though, I didn’t want to re-watch things that I already had an opinion on, so I’m going to watch ones I’ve never seen before.

Since I’m behind schedule, I watched two movies last night. Wes Cravens first movie and Sam Raimis latest terror flick.

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