I spent night six at 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

If not for this months blog theme, I probably never would have watched this tale, as I didn’t much like the first Cloverfield film. I’ve felt every “found footage” movie since The Blair Witch Project to be contrived and unbelievable, so I was pleasantly surprised that 10 Cloverfield Lane had almost nothing in common with its predecessor and that it was a great movie.

Some people might have hoped that a sequel to 2008s Cloverfield would have followed up on the story, but I’m just as glad it didn’t. Instead we have a wonderful single room thriller. The Cloverfield monster attack is essentially just the backdrop for this movie. I young woman is listening to the news about blackouts across the U.S. when her car is hit and she is knocked unconscious. She wakes up on a mattress in a cinderblock room and chained to the wall.

I’m a big fan of these intimate psycho-dramas with a small cast (only three people), all of the suspense comes from the interactions of the characters and not a monster or big action scenes.

And speaking about characters. John Goodman is fantastic! He is so good, you’ll spend the whole movie wondering about him. What is his story? Is he up to something bad, or is he just a loner with bad interpersonal skills who is really not happy to have to share the end of the world with other people? Your feelings will mirror those of Mary Elizabeth Winsteads Michelle, ping-ponging back and forth between fear and trust. He is so good, and so convincing.

The movie is filled with surprise turns that keep you constantly guessing. It’s about people, not creatures, and in many ways that makes it even scarier.

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